vFAQ : Installing a Helicoil Insert in Head/Turbine Housing
  1. Installing a Helicoil insert in a head

    a. If you don't already have your radiator fans removed, do so now. You will need room to get a drill in there. If you have access to a right angle drill, now is the time to get it. Things can get pretty cramped when you are trying to drill at a perfect 90 deg. angle into your head and this type of drill makes life much easier.

    b. Get the recommended size drill bit for the Helicoil kit that will be used. Get a piece of masking tape or electrical tape and wrap it around the drill bit.
    This will be an indicator to let you know how deep to drill..

    c. Follow steps 2a-d below.
  1. Installing a Helicoil insert in a turbine housing

    a. Place the housing in a vice or secure it some other so it will not move when you drill. Make sure you do not over tighten the vice and crack the housing. The picture to the left shows a damaged thread.



b. You must now drill out the damaged threads. It is VERY important that the bit is perfectly perpendicular to the gasket surface when drilling. Get the recommended size drill bit for the Helicoil kit that will be used.

Drill through the housing. Be patient and drill slowly, using a high quality bit and a lot of cutting oil will aid in this process. Do not overheat the housing by trying to drill too fast, this will harden the housing even more and make it more difficult to drill.


c. Once the hole is drilled it will need to be tapped with the tap provided in the Helicoil kit. This is a tap made specially for the Helicoil inserts. Follow the basic tapping procedures. Take your time and only cut around a 1/4 turn at a time, backing out a 1/4 turn each time you cut to remove the debris. Blow out the excess debris when you are done tapping.


d. Install the Helicoil insert. Use the tool provided to thread the insert into the threads you just cut.

e. Threads that are as good as new!