Welcome to our new site. We have added more FAQ items including two vFAQ pages covering stud installs and helicoil installs. In addition to the new site we have also added a large selection of Porsche products. We are still working on a few items but the product pages are operational.

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  February 2017

Lots of new Porsche sets available. Applications include Exhaust manifold, exhaust, oil pan, timing cover, and many more.
  Take a look at our DSM downpipe stud kit. These will make your life much easier when it comes time to replace your turbo or exhaust.  
  We have added one more product to our site, stainless steel valve cover hardware. See pics to the right and follow this link for more info.  

Stainless steel intake bolt/stud sets are now available! Follow the link for more info.

We are now shipping flat washers with all of our sets that include nuts.